FARM REWORK - 06/21/2017

Good afternoon everyone! Before we get into this devblog I'd like to invite all of you to join us on Lullaby Gardens official Discord. We'd love to chat with you about the game and answer any question you have. Especially with the Alpha coming soon, Discord will be a great tool for you to share tips and tricks about the game and report bugs.

Here's a list of the features we've added recently :
  • Grid based system across the whole farm
  • New selection system
  • Improved camera control
  • Reworked kitchen
  • New grid based shop area
  • Character emotes

We've decided to do a major change on the farm by adding a grid based system on the whole map. This will allow you to choose where you place your buildings and your fields. You'll also be able to decorate your farm with scarecrows, sprinklers, roads and fences.

While holding an item, you can see a preview of what it will look like once it's placed and the space you'll need for it. You can also rotate an item before placing it down.

At first, the farm is almost completely covered by foliage. While it's a lot of work to clear it, all the materials gathered on the farm are useful. For example, weeds and hay can be used to craft rope, fertilizer, fodder and random seeds.

The new selection system allows you to select an item while you're facing it, without having to point the center of your camera toward the item.

You can see which items can be selected around you and which one you are currently selecting.

Since this was requested by a few of you during the demo, we've added more flexibility to the camera control. You can now see your character face when he's not moving or while he's performing an action.

We've updated the kitchen section in the player's house since we will soon be adding a bunch of recipes and kitchen items!

Here's the kitchen you'll have in the level one house. You can place down two kitchen items of your choice on the counter. There's a total of six kitchen items, which mean you'll need a level three house to craft all the recipes available.

We've added a grid system in the shop area, which allows you to design its layout. You'll also be able to decorate it, outside and inside, with specific items related to shopkeeping.

Once villagers are ready to buy an item, they'll approach your counter to haggle with you.

The double door can be kept open or closed to let the villagers know whether or not they can come in your shop. The smaller door won't be used by the villagers, but will instead allow you to enter your shop and set it up before the customers arrive.

Finally here's some cute emotes our artist has been working on for a few weeks! The Alpha will feature up to a dozen emotions per villager.

Thank you again everyone, and if you have any comments about this update you'd like to share, feel free to come chat with us on our Discord channel!

SPRING PROGRESS - 06/02/2017

Hello everyone! This first devblog will feature some of the work we've made since Lullaby Gardens was funded this past winter. We'll be making devblogs more frequently since the alpha access is coming soon!

Here's a summary of the features we've been working on :
  • Character customization
  • Crops visual rework
  • Flexible dialogue system
  • Town visual rework
  • Improved villager AI
  • Foraging system
  • Soundtrack
  • New bachelorette
  • New pet

The character customization has been one of the most requested feature, so we decided to add it in the game. For now we've only been working on a female playable character, but a male character will also be added further in development.

We've added skin tones, hair dyes and eye colors. If there's a color you'd like to see that we haven't added yet, let us know about it!

A few hats and fantasy hair colors!

One of the outfits available at the start.

We've reworked a lot of the 3D art assets in the last few months, including the crops. They now have more details at each growth stage.

The new dialogue system is one of the biggest feature we've added. Villagers can now gift the player items and money. You can also gain or lose affection while talking to a villager, depending on your actions and the way you answer a villager's questions. This dialogue system is also the start of our upcoming quest system, which we will be working on this summer.

Another big change is the town layout! We've completely reworked the town that was used in the demo version of the game. The town will be split into 4 sections, since it was a bit too big to contain it all on a single map. Here's Mantis Meadow, the area where you'll be able to buy seeds, animals and bees!

You can now go inside all the buildings! The Old Bell is where you can buy milk, eggs, or a new farm animal.

The Yummy Market is where Jasmin and Camelia sell their produces. You can also buy seeds here to grow your own garden.

You'll be able to go down the mine and craft tools in a new forge… Once it's restored!

We've also improved the villager AI to fit the new town layout. Villagers now all have their own weekly schedule and their own house to go back to at night. The shops aren't always open, so you'll have to pay attention to the schedule of each store. Finally, villagers also follow the roads to move around town and make smoother turns!

The alpha access will include a foraging system! You'll be able to gather mushrooms, wildflowers, plants and seafood on your farm, in town or on the beach. Each of these item has a different rarity level and can only spawn during certain seasons and weather conditions.

We've been working with an amazing composer, Matthew Harnage, to create an original soundtrack for Lullaby Gardens. The alpha will include about 20 original tracks, and the full release will contain even more. You can check out Matthew's work and listen to the whole album on his Soundcloud. Here's some of our favorite songs!


A new bachelorette has been added! Blanche is an herbalist living in the forest around town. She sells potions, medicinal herbs and recipes to prepare your own remedies.

Last but not least, here's a cute Shiba Inu we've added! He might accept a treat or two from you...

Thank you again everyone for your support! We're on track to release the alpha access in July and will confirm an exact date soon. In the meantime, we'll be posting more frequent devblogs of our progress on Lullaby Gardens!